Pictures from the '04 Duck season opener.

Hoss and Sammy my 2 pups are not quite 6 months old and they both did great.  They retrieved to hand and did a great job for their first hunting trip.

Various staged photos of, from left to right, Hoss, me, Sammy and Tess.


Pictures of Ben, Chester and Jim.  Chester is Tess' Son and Hoss and Sammy's brother.....


Various camp pictures.


 We hunted hard, put the guns away, cleaned the ducks, and partied!  We're pretty sure a good time was had by all!

These pictures are a from taste test between Crown Royal, Bookers, and Knob Creek.  I honestly don't remember which was best, maybe you can tell by the faces made after the tastes....

Best quote - "Man....  that whisky puts the V in smooVe......"


Around the campfire......


"In a minute we'll talk politics, but first a little Smokey Mountain Breakdown!"


Various pretty pictures of the Never Summer Range.