Pictures from the '06 Turkey Season.


     Another great year.  I took my limit of birds again with my bow.  Nothing huge but I don't mind with my bow. 

      This is a picture out of my blind window.  A tree they roost in often is in the background.  A group came in late headed for the roost tree.  I shot at a big tom but misjudged the distance.  I thought he was 30 and he was more like 38.  I cut feathers low on him but he just jumped and walked off. 

     The rest of the turkeys had no idea what happened and stayed.  A jake walked into my decoys and I dropped him in his tracks right between the decoys.  When he dropped another jake ran over, jumped on him and started to spur and peck the heck outa my dead jake.  Well.....  i had another license and I had to protect my dead bird so I shot the 2nd jake too.  He ran off a ways but didn't make it to far.


Picture of my last bird at my blind.  It was my last day to hunt and I had to take what I could get.














    I called this group of 9 jakes in from a 1/4 mile away.  I saw them out there fighting and mess'n around in the field.  When I started to call the started walking, then running, then they flew and were on top of me in seconds.  I was running away from them to get to cover.  They ran down to my decoy and walked around in front of me for quite a while.  I could have taken any of them.  I was hoping for a tom so I just took their picture......