Idaho Bear Hunt 6/16 - 6/20/03


Boulder Creek Outfitters


Jim took this bear the last day of the hunt at about 14:30.  It was the first and only bear we saw this trip.

Another pic of Jim's bear.

Picture of the high camp we hunted from all 5 days.

Bud, our guide on the left, Jim another hunter on the right.

Our tent and a couple ponies in the background.

Picture of the landing strip at Moose Creek.  It was a fun ride in and out.  This is looking toward the way in and out for the planes.

Base camp by the runway.

The morning after our last day.  It was very pretty with the fog covering the mountains.

    All and all this was a good trip.  Jim and I only saw the one bear he shot between us.  I was expecting a lot more from the bear on this trip, but hey - that's hunting.  We saw some very pretty and rugged country.  We got to spend a week on the mountain and Bud our guide feed us and took care of us well.

    The outfitter had been hunting this area for a few weeks and had shot many bear in this area.  I think he said 30 something had been shot with about 1/2 of that being found.  That's not a very good average for the hunters, especially when you consider that the longest bait I sat was no more than 40 yards for the bait. 

    I don't know what to think about not seeing a bear on this trip.  To me it seemed like there was just to many hunters on the same mountain.  I can't imagine that many bear being pulled out of the same area.  The guides and outfitters swear that the number of bear taken shouldn't matter with the way they were baiting.  I do know that the bear carcass below my bait was hit the last 2 days when I wasn't there.  There were more bear on the mountain, but I can't help but think they'd been getting a heck of an education with hunters coming and going from baits for a month.

    Tim the owner of Boulder Creek Outfitter told me that next year he was going to have more high camps and spread out the hunter on the mountain more.  I think that would do a lot to increase the odds.

    The guides did something I'd never heard of to bait the bears.  They had a pit for the bait.  They used grease for restaurants and poured some grease in the pit.  They built a small fire over the pit and covered the fire with green bear grass to get it to smoke.  Next they poured more grease on the green grass and really got a smoke going.  They said that burning grease smell would pull bear in from miles.  I believe them I just think that by the time Jim and I got there the bear had all gotten an education on the coming and goings of hunters on the mountain.

    All and all I enjoyed the trip, and the hunt.  I expected to see bear but again that's hunting.  I take the good with the bad, it's still a week on the mountain.  The guides, wranglers and cooks were all GREAT.  I've played the guiding game many years ago and I know what it takes to take care of hunters.  They all did a great job.


If you have any questions about this hunt, the outfitter, or anything else feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll answer any questions you have.

Troy 6/28/03