Project pictures from my foreclosure house.

Picture of my house before I bought it in Feb., 2010.

     This house was built in 2004.  Unfortunately the previous owner must have ran out of money and much of the home was finished cheaply and poorly.  There was much that was left undone and nothing was maintained.  I liked the idea of working my way into a nice place with a little sweat equity work and liked the location.  It's on the top of a ridge in the foothills on 35 acres with 360 degree views of the front range and city lights.  The only way to get a better view would be from an air plane.

     Below are some before and after shots of the work I've done and some of the problems I've run into.......


Before view shot from the South side of the house.  There's no landscaping of any kind, just mud/  The deck was scary, the paint was gone and I really needed a dog pen.....

Notice how the hillside comes halfway up the deck supports, there's no rock or anything under the deck and it's not easy to get to the concrete landing below.

This picture is the North side of the house.  The parking area was mud.



I had a friend of my father come up and help me with some of his big yellow toys.  We moved a lot of ground out from the back of the house away from the deck with the mini-ex and a lot of ground South of the house to make a nice dog pen.  I used the ground we moved to add more flat ground to the North of the house.







Work on the fence.  I paid Bonnell Fencing to do the fence.  I needed it done now, and when I realized the post holes needed to be dug with a jack hammer I knew it wasn't a 1 man job.  These guys earned every penny and did a great job.  I'd recommend Mike Bonnell for any fencing job, honest price and a good job. 970-353-1819

Here's the story......